A pristine ache penetrates my soul
Yet I feel placidity filling my heart
The dwelling malaise breaks away
Whenever I amble my eyes over you
A queer urge arises every time
Immerse me somewhere in your exquisite depths
You my distant friend, my solace
You cherish everyone with protection
Even amid surrounding turbulence
You soothe the nerve of every single one
And I wonder the strength you hold, Oh sky!
Serene azure, when a new day starts
You witness the pain of billions on earth
Absorb our silent cries and screams
Deponent of the bloodshed in this sphere
You might curse the inhumane humans
Sometimes with flash and thunder
Shed tears to tolerate rampant inequity
Getting worn out of our distress
Changing shades, evidence of your concern
Crimsoned every day with exasperation
When you see us humans, so powerless
Lilac lines appear, as swollen eyes, telltale of your compassion
The time comes, when it gets hard to endure
You close eyes, veil miseries, darkness everywhere
But you never leave us to mourn alone, bright turquoise the next day
Ready to share all sufferings again


Eternal love

The door slammed with a gust of wind
As she entered her messy room
Her tears today with more salt
Burning her skin when dripping down
Mascara smeared on cheeks
Cerise vivid smudge lipstick
Tracing agony on her face
She felt giddy as the flashback started
The day when he confessed
You feel like peace I always longed for
You bring a restful ripple in my blood
My eyes crave to see your smile
You brought an ultimate ecstasy to my life
So I want you to stick around, forever
It made her heartbeat elevate
With her cheeks turned crimson
After a pause, she asked, What is forever?
He smiled and his brown eyes widened
I’ll be with you even after death
My love for you is eternal …
Something smashed behind her
Making her snap out of the spell
Memories of him, consuming her
A mirror on the wall split asunder
Same as he let her heart shatter
Desolation after the storm surge
Clearly visible through eyes swollen
A few blood stains on her beige shirt
She smiled with an inevitable turmoil
As she looked at her empty palms
Honey, how could you do this to me?
You used to call me your life
Yet strangled my soul brutally
So, darling, it was imperative
To kill you, the same way you murdered
Cause my love you know what?
I want your every desire come true
Now my cold soul and your cold carcass
Will keep our love alive forever
Nothing can ever tear us apart
Not even your demise

May you be happy

Mist in her pleading eyes
Blurred the image of him, leaving
Her cold sighs froze her lips
His last words eating into her heart
With venom, depositing on her bones
Her existence turned to a stone
Trapped in a cage of a single question
What flaw did you find? Pray tell!
You have left me and gone
But his presence would linger
Here with her forever
And a lifetime is not much, to heal
A diseased soul, incurable
Despite it, all, praise her love
Her lips quivered
And a phrase made its way out of her
May you be happy my love
May you be happy my love…

Scars on soul

Every time she gathers crowd
Howling to wipe off her distress
Her white sheets with crimson spots
Dripping down blood from bruised skin
See, I have been through amputation
Help me walk the path of salvation
All cursing sights on her
Hissing one profanity after another
Oh, stupid girl! don’t wail
Your attention-grabbing tricks won’t work
Can’t you see it’s all clean and plain
Then in her head a voice echoes
Scars on the soul are never visible


When disporting heart no longer helps
And uproar of mind gets inevitable
Better it was to stay oblivious
Light of my eyes sombered my world
Torment it is, an abyss to cross
I would have lived till my death
But that awareness consumed me whole


Those walls absorbed her silent cries
And the ceiling drowned in scarlet, invisible
Another pretty soul sentenced to death
She strived for her restful breaths
Every time she swallowed bitter words
Struggled to solace her encumbered heart
Devastated her mental composure
The brutal world suffocated her heart’s purity
Merged her with the crowd of insensitives
Quietened down her wailing conscience
She stepped into the apathetic sphere
And now she survived, slaughtered herself