Peace in war

The weight of her emptiness made her fall into the abyss
Concrete walls rushing close, her heart getting shoved against her ribs
And her demons started whirling across her mind
She has banished herself from drowning in thoughts
But not now, nothing in this ephemeral world makes sense at all
Her soul aches beneath the armour of lies
The shelter of self-betrayal has split asunder
No solace comes with escapes anymore
The veil of ignorance has now torn apart
And the melancholic sombre has consumed her world
So now she wants the scorching sun to burn off her skin
Swelter residing in bones, to incinerate her to ashes
Tides of emotion to strike hard, leaving her existence breathless
The dagger of thoughts to stab her brain persistently
With continuous resonance taking hold over her senses
The soul being lashed with haunted past
A never-ending battle between mind and heart
Beseeching for help, some days her soul urges salvation
But then she wants it like that, the agonizing pain
For she has now found her peace in that war


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