Playing pretend

Gloom filled clouds and pewter sky
Igniting fire, consuming your inside
The dark obscurity, surrounding you
Deafening noises above in your head
Piles and piles of sorrow and remorse
Some days it even gets hard to walk
Drought in the soul sucks you dry
And you don’t know what your heart pines for
So you let that invincible pain sink in your bones
But the other day it all fades, all gone
Rattling in your mind can be ignorable
You feel your heart a bit less exhausted
You see a lot of people smiling around
And you wonder how many of them are playing pretend too
So you smile and smile with all of them
A cloak of happiness over dwelling distress
It is a little less burden to be alive until it’s the time
When it gets hard to survive all over again


19 thoughts on “Playing pretend

  1. I thought of dropping by because I was curious. (We share the same name). 😊 And in course read this beautiful poem.
    While it’s true that we shouldn’t pretend to be happy while we’re not. We can’t dwell into sadness forever either. So may be we try to fake it till we make it?

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